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version 1.6 - released

Range Software Package - version 1.6 release

New version of Range Software package has been released.
So what is new in this release?


  1. Current - Electro-Static solver:
    • New electro-static solver has been developed.
    • Boundary conditions:
      1. Electric potential
      2. Charge density
    • Results:
      1. Electric potential
      2. Electric field
      3. Electric energy
      4. Joule's heat
    • Current can be coupled together with Heat.
  2. Potential:
  3. Shape optimization:
    • All solver programs now contain algorithm to optimize shape of the model. This algorithm is based on material removal technique.
  4. Element:
    • Faster drawing of 3D elements.
    • Problem checking - User can let Element to automatically check problem set-up for possible errors or set-up conflicts.
    • Project file uses relative paths to files instead of absolute. This enhancement enables easy transfer of data between different machines.


  • New materials were added to database.
  • Improved tutorials and manuals.
  • + lots of bugs were fixed too.

30 October 2008
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