version 1.9 - released

Range Software Package - version 1.9 release

New version of Range Software package has been released.
So what is new in this release?


  1. Element:
    • View icon-bar - View related actions were grouped into one tool-bar for better accessibility.
    • Auto-repair - New mesh repair functions.
    • Archive project - Archive all project files into one compressed file.
    • New directory structure - All user files and directories are now in one user directory [User home]\range-software.
    • Auto Screen-Shot - In "record selector" dialog user can activate "Auto Screen-Shot" check box and every time new record is loaded screen-shot will be taken automatically.
  2. Material:
    • New directory structure - Material database has been moved to [User home]\range-software\materials.
  3. Current - Electro-Static solver:
    • Fixed extremely high Joule's heat.


  • + lots of minor bugs were fixed too.

16 February 2009
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