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version 2.2 - released

Range Software 2.2

New features:

  • Modal analysis.
  • Binary file format - faster loading.
  • New boundary condition for stress analysis (Displacement - normal to the surface).
  • Element - Automatic detection which matrix solver is most appropriate for a given problem.
  • Multiple entity selection in boundary condition dialog.
  • Element - line split function.
  • + Lots of small improvements and bug-fixes

Area of use (physical models):

  • CFD (Incompressible viscous flow)
  • Elasto-statics
  • Elasto-dynamics
  • Modal analysis - NEW
  • Steady and transient heat transfer + radiation
  • Electro-statics
  • Wave equations
  • Acoustic pressure problems
  • Flow through porous media
  • Shape (geometry) optimization

iRaCS - Online computing:

Users are able to solve all problems ON-LINE and for FREE!
Find out more here.

IronCAD integration:

IronCAD users can use Range FEA plugin for IronCAD to automatically export their models to Element.
Windows installer contains 32bit and 64bit plugin.

01 June 2010
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