version 1.1 - comming soon

Range Software Package - version 1.1 is scheduled to be released on 17-th September 2007.
Coding is over and the focus is now on the documentation and tutorials.

New features:

  1. Radiative heat transfer - new method of coupling the two separate physical models guarantees fast, accurate and memmory saving solution.
  2. VFcalc - time saving, effective and very accurate View-Factor calculation algorithm which support shading.
  3. Improved mesh generator - generate multiple body groups with different volume constraints.
  4. Post-processing - different color schemes can be applied to produce even more attractive results.
  5. Restart option - simulations can be restarted from the point where they stopped or any other previous result file.
  6. Unsteady solution - this option is now made available also in the DEMO version.
+ lots of small enhancements and bug-fixes.

03 September 2007
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