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Finite Element Linear Stress-Strain solver.

Physical equation:

  • Hookes law

Numerical method:

  • Finite Element Method (FEM)

Supported elements:

  • 0D - point - with defined volume
  • 1D - line - with defined cross-sectional area
  • 2D - triangle - with defined thickness
  • 3D - tetrahedron

Boundary conditions:

  • Fixed displacement
  • Fixed force
  • Fixed pressure
  • Fixed traction
  • Fixed weight


  • Displacement
  • Reaction forces
  • Stresses

Special features:

  • Stress can be linked with Heat and use computed temperatures as an input for initial deformations due to thermal expansion.
  • Stress can be linked with Potential and use computed pressure at surfaces as a boundary condition.
  • Shape optimization algorithm

Screenshot of computed results loaded in Element: