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CAEDevice (engineering services provider)

In Range Software we found a complete tool for multi-physics analysis with an
excellent cost/efficiency ratio. Range Software provides a smart "toolbox", very
useful for designers to give preliminary directions in a short time. Range Software
has interesting possibilities of evolution, especially thanks to the module
"Element" that provides a fast and essential interface for the solvers.

Matteo Pellizzoni

GateWave Northern, Inc.

After a brief learning period with the Range-Element software I was up and running in no time at all.
The documentation provided is very good and questions regarding any potential problems were quickly and expertly answered by the support team at Range software.
I really like the package as it is easy to work with and allows for a quick assessment of potential trouble spots in new designs.

Dr. Gert Hohenwarter

Magnacad Design Inc

Magnacad Design Inc. had searched tirelessly for a valued partner that needed to provide a cost-effective and powerful FEA solution. The ability to be extremely responsiveness to our inquiries was crucial. We are happy to conclude that we have found all that and more with Range Software. Their ability to provide a top-notch and innovative FEA solution that exceeded all our criteria proved to be an ideal choice.

Tom Lehnhaeuser, President, MDI