Gift Certificate

Gift Certificate is a 4 by 4 code in form of a license key which can be converted to a valid license for any module.
Each gift certificate is unique and can not be used more than once.

Gift certificate example

NOTE: this is NOT a valid gift certificate.

How to convert a gift certificate

  1. Go to Request License and follow the link Convert gift certificate to a module license.
  2. Paste the text of your gift certificate In the text entry and click Validate button.
  3. After successful validation you can choose a module to which you want to convert your gift certificate.
  4. Choose one of the listed modules and click Convert button.
  5. At this point your module list and your license key should be updated. For verification please go to My Licenses.

How to receive a gift certificate

You can receive a gift certificate only directly from the vendor of Range Software or from your reseller.
In case that you are a registered Range Software reseller you are able to purchase unlimited number of gift certificates in the e-shop.