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How to install

Installation - How To

  1. Windows XP/Vista
  2. Linux RPM - Fedora, OpenSUSE
  3. Linux DEB - Debian, Ubuntu

Windows XP / Vista

  1. Download the Windows installation package.
  2. Close all running programs
  3. Double click on the downloaded install executable
  4. Accept the license and follow the steps until the installer is finished.
  5. If you are installing without Administrator previledges you need to add/modify two environment variables:
    1. RANGE_DIR = [Installation directory]
    2. PATH = [Installation directory]\bin;[Installation directory]\GTK\bin

Linux RPM

  1. Download the Linux RPM package suitable for your distribution.
  2. as root in the command line type # rpm -i range-2.3.0-1.s114-i586.rpm
  3. Linux users (Fedora 15) might need to install xterm and xorg-x11-fonts-ISO8859-1-100dpi packages.

Linux DEB

  1. Download the Linux DEB package suitable for your distribution.
  2. in the command line type # sudo dpkg -i range_2.3.0-1_u1104-i386.deb