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How to purchase

  1. Become registered member
  2. Request License
  3. Review Your Request
  4. Pay the Invoice
  5. Download Software
  6. Activation of Purchased Modules

Become registered member

  1. Fill out the registration form
  2. Log in

Request License

After successful log-in an E-Shop menu on the leftt will become enabled.
  1. Click on the Request License link.
  2. Select an expiration time for each module that you want to purchase. Modules with expiration set to 0 months will not be added to your request.
  3. Click Next button.

Review Your Request

After the license request was successfully completed you will be able to review your request(s) by clicking the Manage Purchases link.
At this stage you are still able to delete your request.

Pay the Invoice

There are two ways how to pay the invoice.
  1. PayPal method.
  2. Money transfer to a bank account specified in the invoice. Use variable symbol specified in the invoice. This will help us to track your payment.
  3. After the money transfer successful you will notice that the status of your request has changed to realized.

Download Software

You can download the software from download section.
Note: You must be logged-in to download a full version of the software.

Activation of Purchased Modules

You can see you purchased modules and active license key in the My License page.
  1. Run Element
  2. Open the Element licensing dialog by clicking on the menu Help->Licensing
  3. Paste the text of the license key into the text area of that dialog.
  4. Click on the Save button.