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This is a brief description of the Range Software products. For more detailed information follow the appropriate software link.


  • Element - Graphical User Interface - GUI. This tool allows the user to comfortably set up, solve and analyze the problem.
  • Material - Graphical User Interface - GUI. This tool allows user to comfortably manage the material database.
  • Mesh - Tetrahedral mesh generator. Generates a 3D tetrahedral mesh from a surface triangural mesh.
  • Heat - Heat-transfer solver.
  • Stress - Stress-strain solver.
  • Current - Electro-statics solver.
  • Fluid - CFD solver.
  • Potential - Porous media flow solver.
  • Wave - Acoustic / wave-equation solver.
  • VFcalc - View-factor calculator.
  • VFview - View-factor viewer.